Zain ul Hassan Siddiqui - Convener (+92) 332 2211021 - NOTE: Deadline to seek clarifications is 10th May, 2018.

Welcome to Panjnad International Moot Court Competition 2018

Founded in 2013, the University College Association of Mooters (UCAM) has been witness only to glory and success. UCAM has established itself as one of the most prestigious mooting societies in Pakistan. Our vision has centered on being a prominent player in uplifting the mooting circuit of Pakistan, and most importantly, on acting on an awareness of the sheer significance of moot courts to law students everywhere. From hosting Pakistan’s largest annual law moot for the past five years to representing Pakistan at the world’s most esteemed mooting competitions, UCAM has seen only an uphill slope. It has established its presence in the domestic circuit, winning tournaments such as the LUMS Law Moot in 2015, The Millenium University Moot Court 2016, and the Pakistan Law Moot for the last two years in a row. Its team has represented Pakistan at various international tournaments, having won the Carey Law Moot held at Anglo-American University Prague, qualified for the Jessup International Rounds in 2017 and 2018 respectively, as well as the 13th Henry Dunant International Humanitarian Law Moot Court South Asian Rounds, as well as attended the Law Asia Moot in Sri Lanka and the Alternate Dispute Resolution Moot Court in Hong Kong. This year, UCAM has embarked on an even greater journey by expanding its vision to the international scale. For the first time, UCAM will be hosting an international mooting competition in the historic city of Lahore. The theme of this moot court will be Human Rights, in awareness of the pressing need for active legal discourse on the matter. We hope that this moot court will yield constructive debate on the issue vis-à-vis its legal ambits. Our ambition is to provide a platform for future lawmakers, lawyers, diplomats and judges to showcase their ability to rationalize, understand and apply the law.

Registration Procedure

Each team must consist of a minimum of two (2) and maximum of three (3) members. The third member can either be a third speaker/researcher OR a team advisor. The role of the third member is at the discretion of the team. You can register your team by filling the form available under "Registrations" tab. You will be required to provide the details of your institution and team members (Name, contact details and Passport/NIC details). Finally, you will also be required to submit a certificate, on the official letterhead and signed by the relevant authority, authorizing each team to participate in the PIMCC 2018.


During the course of the competition, the cost for accommodation and meal for each team will be borne by the management. We are also willing to fund some teams with respect to their travel partially/in full, subject to certain factors. If any team wishes to apply for the sponsorship, they must apply using the sponsorship form under "Registrations" tab - each team will be required to submit a motivational letter as well as the expenses which the team can cover themselves. Please note that applying for the sponsorship does not guarantee the provision of such funding. The decision as to how the sponsorship fund will be divided amongst the applicants will be communicated to the teams within a week of the registration deadline.

Visa Applications

Each team will have to apply for their respective visas independently. The relevant information with respect to the visa procedure is available under the "Event Details" tab. The Management Committee will be providing each team with the official invitation/visa letters to facilitate their visa applications and will assist them at every stage of the process.